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Na Nach

‘Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Me-Uman’ is the name of our holy leader Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. (born in 1774) Through a note (Petek) which he sent in a miraculous manner to Rabbi Israel Dov Odesser (known as the “Saba”), Rabbi Nachman revealed that his name (meaning his soul and teachings) is the Song of the Redemption;  the song that is Single (Na – נ), Doubled (Nach – נח), Tripled (Nachmu – נחמ), and Quadrupled (Nachman – נחמן).

Great tzadikim (holy sages) preceding Rabbi Nachman’s time spoke of the Song that will be revealed in the future, among them Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel (in the introduction to his translation of Shir Hashirim – the Song of Songs) and Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (Master of the Zohar and Tikunay Zohar). These tzadikim explained that before the coming of the Messiah, there will be revealed a song that is Single, Doubled, Tripled, and Quadrupled, and that through this Song the true faith and belief in God will be restored in the world as God will renew the world in His wondrous ways. All of this will occur before the coming of the Messiah. The Messiah himself will sing this song and redeem the Jewish People and bring the Knowledge of God, peace, and compassion to the whole world.

Today, Na Nach‘s follow the holy path left by Rebbe Nachman and Saba and are working hard to spread Rebbe Nachman’s teachings and the Song of Redemption around the world, thus hastening the Final Redemption.

Saba said:

‘If I were to reveal just two words about the Petek, I would annul the free will of the whole world.’, ‘This is a novelty and wonder, the likes of which have never before been seen in this world. The song Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman fixes everything and heals everything!’, ‘This is only from Rabainu, only a miracle. A signature such as this’ no Tzadik ever signed a signature like this: the “simple, doubled, tripled, quadrupled.” And Rabainu in his lifetime also never signed this way. Only in this Petek – we didn’t know – this is found in Likutay Moharan, that the holy Rabainu talks about this Song. He is this Song. But here, he reveals to all the world Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman. What is now in the world, was never known, we know nothing.’

 ‘Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman is a segula (object or saying with saving powers) for every problem and situation.’ ‘This song is the matter of the redemption.’ ‘Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman lifts man from absolute descent to absolute ascent.’, ‘Just to say this name Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, sweetens all the sufferings and all the judgments, all the sins and all the blasphemy – everything! It transforms everything, happy is the one who believes.’, ‘We have no conception what it is, that we merited, in these generations, to know from this, from a secret like this Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman. There is a great deal to speak about, but I can not speak!’