Torah – Hardcore – Punk

Lyrics – “Yetzias Mitzrayim”

Led from oppression’s hand
Leaving this wasted land
No more will we be slaves to you

Bathed in our children’s blood
You drowned them in the mud
You gave us strife but your time’s through

Right now, the time is here
Open your eyes, it’s drawing near
Redemption comes for those who choose to move
Four-fifths get left behind, trapped in the confines of their minds
Don’t look back, it’s time for us to choose

I know we’ve been here before
It’s time to settle the score
It’s time for us to get back home

It’s not for nothing that we bleed
Exiled to gather the seeds
Our G-d is here, we’re not alone

Marching through the sea
Guided forward to be free
Egypt will be laid to waste for you
600,000 see, the word of G-d, yea, you and me
nothing left except to hear and do

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